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Driving Transformational Change in the Construction Value Chain

In this report commissionned by i24c, BPIE explores opportunities to strengthen Europe’s industrial leadership in the construction value chain, in order to deliver a fast and deep decarbonisation together with economic and competitive advantages, particularly through innovation. Innovation opportunities in this value chain lie in technology and organisation as well as services and products.

The report starts by mapping the construction value chain with (mega)trends challenging the building sector before presenting industrial innovation opportunities throughout the value chain, taking a deep-dive for four specific segments (also available as separate short briefings):

  • Prefabricated systems for deep energy retrofits of residential buildings
  • Advanced insulation materials for building envelopes
  • Buildings’ interaction with the energy system
  • Building automation and control technologies

This report will be of support to anyone willing to:

  • Identify the global megatrends and innovations impacting the construction sector value chain and its stakeholders.
  • Assess opportunities for the European industry involved in the construction value chain, – from the design of buildings and the planning of retrofits to the delivery of building services-, to increase its added value, in future EU and global markets.
  • Discuss the innovations and transition pathways, including policy changes.