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In light of the European Commission launch of a guidance package for public procurers, and the conference “Joining Forces in Public Procurement to Power Investment” i24c and International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) publish recommendations for the European Commission and member state authorities on how to better leverage the power of the public purse to drive demand of low-carbon innovation in sustainable infrastructure.
A major transition is anticipated in the transport sector over the coming decade. To that regard, i24c publishes a memo on how to won the low carbon race through accelerating innovation and integration in the mobility value chain.
Together with the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE), i24c publishes a memo on how to achieve healthy, comfortable and sustainable buildings for all. It emphasizes that ramping up deep energy renovation can boost the economy (competitiveness and jobs), improve living conditions (better and smarter homes) and mitigate climate change.
Transformative innovation in the construction value chain can be leveraged to deliver on both climate benefits after COP21 and economic gains. To deliver on this potential, policy has a key role to play especially to enable the emergence of challenge-driven innovation ecosystems involving all actors of the value chain.