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The European construction industry is confronted by an economy that is undergoing a highly significant change. This report questions how to ensure that these changes can be treated as an opportunity for economic success and global leadership as much as an environmental challenge in the construction sector.
Europe’s transport industry and its related services are an essential part of Europe’s economy. Currently, the transport sector is challenged by rapidly changing framework conditions and consumer demands. Therefore, the report emphasises the necessity for European automotive companies to innovate to remain competitive and to meet increasingly stringent environmental constraints.
Given global decarbonisation concerns, the wide array of low-carbon technologies offers significant growth potential. The report assesses the potential of countries to excel in these emerging sectors and identifies whether countries are particularly specialised in innovating in specific low-carbon sectors.
Existing policies are unlikely to promote the systemic innovation that is needed to shift EU production and consumption towards enhanced sustainability. In this report, which is the fruit of collaboration between CEPS and the i24c platform, the authors look at EU policies and propose ten steps to align EU rules with long-term objectives.
This report, authored by The Carbon Trust, explores the role of industrial ecosystems in driving the radical low-carbon innovations the EU will need to meet its climate change and competitiveness objectives. The study identifies some key factors of success for these ecosystems through in-depth case studies across diverse sectors in Europe, covering innovative technologies, business models, processes, and products.
This i24c report has been developed with the aim of providing evidence-based analysis to inform the debate on what an integrated, forward-looking Energy Union Research, Innovation and Competitiveness strategy (EURICS) should seek to achieve and prioritise.
In this report commissionned by i24c, BPIE explores opportunities to strengthen Europe’s industrial leadership in the construction value chain, in order to deliver a fast and deep decarbonisation together with economic and competitive advantages, particularly through innovation